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Debt consolidation makes debt easier to manage and pay off by merging your payments into one monthly fee. This service is particularly helpful for people with multiple high-interest debts. We researched the best debt consolidation in Lexington to find you the help you need getting control of your finances.

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National Debt Relief
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Minimum $10,000 credit card debt required
  • Member of the AFCC (American Fair Credit Council)
  • No fees until debts are settled
  • Debt consolidation loan alternative

Get out of debt without bankruptcy!

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Freedom Debt Relief
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Minimum $15,000 credit card debt required
  • Accredited by the BBB
  • Free consultation online
  • Debt consolidation loan alternative

Specializes in debt settlement services. Debt can be settled in 24 to 48 months, and fees range from 15% to 25%. $7,500 minimum debt required. Track progress 24/7 via online dashboard. No-risk debt relief consultation offered.

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  • Minimum $10,000 credit card debt required
  • Good credit not required
  • Free Debt Analysis and consultation
  • Debt consolidation loan alternative

Works with unsecured debts only, such as credit card, medical and business debt. Eliminates debt in 24 to 48 months. Service fee is 15% to 25%, and a free initial debt consultation is available. Not available in all states.

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Pacific Debt Relief
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Calculate your payment online
  • Minimum $10,000 credit card debt required
  • One low monthly program payment
  • Debt consolidation loan alternative

$10,000 minimum debt required. Low monthly program payment and no upfront fees. Service fees vary between 15 and 25% of the total debt enrolled. Most results take 24-48 months. Offers debt negotiation, but not consolidation loans.

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How to choose debt consolidation in Lexington

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Debt is a burden for Lexington residents that restricts their ability to balance a budget, make purchases and cover living expenses. There are many emotional effects as well, with those in debt commonly suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

In Lexington, 31% of residents have an auto or retail loan. Many others have credit card debt, with an average balance of over $4,700 and a credit utilization of 31%. While these numbers are lower than the national and state averages, all people with debt in Lexington benefit from taking advantage of debt relief services. Thanks to receiving professional help, these people can free up more of their income and relieve their stress.

Getting debt consolidation help in Lexington

Debt consolidation lets Lexington residents work towards the goal of debt-free living. Debt consolidation involves rolling high-interest debts like credit cards into a single, lower-interest payment to help people save money and pay their debts off sooner.

You can apply for these loans yourself or work with a debt relief company for expert, full-service assistance. The Kentucky Attorney General provides valuable resources for finding a good debt consolidation company, including information on the state’s requirements for debt relief providers and a PDF list of registered debt adjusters. Ideally, your debt consolidation firm in Lexington has:

  • Transparent pricing
  • No upfront payments
  • Ethical business practices
  • Good customer service
  • Clear strategies
  • Reasonable promises
  • Few customer complaints

While you can pursue debt consolidation on your own, debt relief companies provide assistance with debt settlement as well. These companies contact your creditors and negotiate a lower balance to save you money on both the principal debt and accrued interest. Because it’s easier to negotiate larger balances, debt relief companies usually work with unsecured debts of at least $10,000.

Once you partner with a debt consolidation company in Lexington, expect it to take two to four years to settle all of your debt. If you’re considering bankruptcy, know that debt consolidation can achieve the same results without impacting your credit as severely. Ask a debt consolidation specialist which option is right for you.

Secured debt vs. unsecured debt

It’s worth noting that debt consolidation is only possible with unsecured debt like credit cards, as opposed to secured debt like an auto loan or mortgage. Secured debt usually has a lower interest rate and is backed by physical assets that creditors can repossess.‌ As a result, secured loans are not eligible for debt consolidation services.

Debt settlement alternatives in Lexington

If you owe less than what debt consolidation companies traditionally work with, there are alternatives available for you. You can:

  • Transfer your balance to a 0% annual percentage rate credit card
  • Sign up for debt counseling services in Lexington
  • Take out a lower-interest personal loan or home equity loan to pay down your balance

With discipline and a solid financial strategy, you can achieve a debt-free lifestyle and a more secure financial future.

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National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief provides debt consolidation services in Kentucky alleviating credit card debt, medical debt and unsecured loans. This company is accredited and has a proven track record of success. Its clients leave overwhelmingly positive reviews, making this debt consolidation firm one of the industry leaders in Lexington.

National Debt Relief Learn More

Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief helps you reduce the amount of debt you owe and become debt-free sooner. This company negotiates your debt with your creditors to reduce your payments to one monthly bill. Customers are exceptionally pleased with the service they received from Freedom and feel that their stress lifted after signing up for its services.

Freedom Debt Relief Learn More (866) 515-6714


CreditAssociates offers actionable advice for resolving unsecured debt and provides debt consolidation to Lexington residents. It’s been in business for over 12 years and has settled over 218,000 accounts. This company also offers free debt consultations from its staff of debt specialists. Past customers are happy with CreditAssociates' customized debt relief plans.


Pacific Debt Relief

Pacific Debt provides customers a variety of debt consolidation options, such as credit counseling and debt settlement. This company has over 15 years of debt relief experience and has settled over $200 million in customer debt. Reviews indicate helpful employees and manageable monthly payments thanks to Pacific Debt’s services.

Pacific Debt Relief Learn More (619) 492-9990